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07 October 2005 @ 07:19 am
Arashi wrote this lovely IkkakuNemu drabble (Her first Bleach writing EVER XD)

By dodgeroll

It is a slow yet swift process.

She pauses on her way back to her captain (and father, though others might disagree), the sounds of zanpakutou clashing and heated shouts drawing her attention. Through the glass she views the sparring and makes an assessment.

It will be over soon.

The crash of the shinigami flying through the window goes unnoticed cue to the following disappointed, expectant yell.

“Okay! Next!”

As the third seat of the 11th Division and the drifter face off (she remembers the results of their first face off and the subsequent meeting and threats, and she holds no grudges), her lips curves slightly.

Nemu is glad that Ikkaku is as energetic as ever.

Art by onijutsu

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