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16 February 2011 @ 12:40 am
All of Rae's birthday ficlets from 2006. I must have been insane to try and do one a day for 18 days straight. And I didn't end up finishing this either. >_>

Samurai Champloo | into the night

The darkness reveals so much. She watches as he sits, well-lit by the lamplight, and looks at her. Shino leans in and covers his mouth.

“It’s okay if we don’t speak,” she tells him. It’s better if we don’t, she thinks.

She doesn’t want to hear his words that night. Words that are like poetry after the nights previous. Like a legend, a myth, a fairytale. The nights with him reveal her fears, her wishes.

Please don’t let your words be a pretty lie.

She is a woman and has no rights. This is a story that happens often, she tells herself (again).

(Her parents were happy she married into money, she told him. Shino wonders what her parents would think now. It’s still money.)

The next night she tries not to be happy when Jin comes again. The lamplight reflects off his glasses.

“Let‘s leave here,” he says without preamble.

She silences him again. He doesn’t know what his words do. He doesn’t know how he has saved her.

She laughs. She makes it sound like a fairytale now.

Her heart says the last words she will say to him will be, “Thank you.”

Shino thinks she may be able to laugh without being frustrated as the room darkens and his glasses are set aside.

D.Gray-man | for victory

Komui sits at his desk. The piles of paper are growing at the same rate the future is drawing nearer; both are at a rate he doesn’t like. He hears the clink of glass as Rinali walks in.

Rinali abruptly presents him with his cup of coffee and does not quite look him directly in the eyes. Close, but not quite, which means she’s mad. He looks purposefully pitiful and whines, “Rinali, Komrin didn’t do anything wrong! It was the coffee, the coffee!”

She gives him a smile, and he is worried. “Rinali?”

“I’m glad you’re safe, “ she says, “but next time make sure Komrin can’t drink coffee.” Rinali understands what he was thinking when he made it, and she can understand why he tried to save it. She doesn’t scold him about making Komrin attack Allen.

You have it much worst, he wants to say. I just want to help more in some way. The reports come and come, and he desperately wants to know what the Earl is doing. It’s too much like the calm before the storm, and that’s why he made Komrin. One more mind may help as finders die day after day. They must reach victory.


Komui scrounges around and pulls out a drill from his desk. “Now, let’s see what we can do about Allen~ ♫”

A clipboard collides into his face.

Full Moon wo Sagashite | even afterwards

“Izumi-kuuun~!” She waved energetically, smiling with all that she had and flying toward him.

He pulled her close and kissed her. Izumi smiled, too, when he saw her blush--still. He liked her enthusiasm; she still confessed to him on a daily basis.

“I love you, Izumi-kun,” she said, resting her head on her shoulder.

She said his name. Again and again, his chest felt lighter when she called his name. His arms encircled her waist. “I know.” Thank you. He wanted to say thank you. Just like he told Mi-ki but not. “I’m glad.”

“I’ve always loved you.”

He loved how free she was with her love--at least in front of him. Izumi let her go, and he floated a few feet away from her. She looked at him with confused eyes, cheeks flushed.

“We have a mission, Me-chan,” he said. “Let’s go.” He angled himself toward a nearby house. “We’re partners, aren’t we?”

She blinked and smiled. Meroko flew quickly after him. “Izumi-kun, I’m happy we have our matching outfits!”

They passed through the walls.

“Whoever called or invited us! We’re the super unit right behind you! MIRU MEIKU!”

Howl's Moving Castle | uncertain bond

One morning, after Sophie finished clearing the table, she placed a chair in front of Calcifer and sat.


“Do you really mind all the hot baths Howl takes?” she asked

“He overworks me!” he retorted, reaching for a piece of wood.

“You say that every time, though, but I don’t think you mind that much.” Sophie settled a firm gaze on the demon.

Calcifer shrank back. “I have to move the castle a few more miles,” he grumbled.

She tried a different approach this time. “Why do you want me to break your contract with Howl?”

“That’s for you to figure out! I told you.” He glared meaningfully.

“Was that a hint, Calcifer?” She had to try and find a way around the secrecy, try wordplay, try finding the loopholes in magic. Every contract had to have a hole--some fine print that wasn’t covered.

“You have to figure it out soon.” Calcifer sounded more serious than usual; he didn’t flare up.

When Sophie went to bed that night, bringing the curtain securely around, she mulled over her curse and Calcifer. Soon, he had said. It wasn’t as if Sophie wanted to stay old and in the moving castle forever, but she didn’t broach the topic with Calcifer as much as she should have.

She heard the door open and Howl step inside. Sophie tried to fight her weariness and her age old body but lost to the low murmurs several feet away from her. Somehow lulled to sleep by Howl’s voice, she thought that Howl and Calcifer certainly didn’t hate each other.

She wasn’t sure what she was supposed to do.

Bleach | relativity

When Byakuya was young, with every hollow he defeated, every shinigami he surpassed, he pledged honor, decorum. He would be worthy of the Kuchiki name, and he would uphold the noble strength. His house would approve of him always.

And then Hisana came.

“Byakuya-sama,” she said softly, always softly, drawing him in. No matter how fragile the way she moved, the way she spoke made her seems, she held herself with purpose, insistent. Her gaze always strayed back to Rukongai.

Late at night, he would hear her and try to listen. “I’m sorry,” she murmured, sorrow lacing her words. The darkness hid her expression, and he wanted nothing more but to keep a dream.

(Some nights, he thought he could hear nothing but her and his heartbeat. The sounds of the servants in the household, of the water running outside became muted. The white of his everyday, the symbol of his captaincy, his family heirloom, his kenseikan, faded.)

“Thank you,” she whispered; her voice was weak.

Byakuya slowly shut his eyes. He could sense the vow waver as Hisana’s breaths developed a different pattern than his own. Each day Hisana lost life, he died a little with her.

When the sunset’s pink and orange turned into dark violet and blue and the cherry blossoms fell, Byakuya realized, reflecting on life.

By the deathbed and by graves, he promised.

Kingdom Hearts | established

“Are we ever going to finish our raft?”

Sora clasped his hands behind his head. “Of course!”

“We’ll probably have to start over again,” Riku pointed out.

“No problem!” Sora was all confidence, grinning.

“You want to get all the materials again, Sora?” Kairi asked, laughter in her eyes.

Riku hooked his thumb into the pocket of his jeans. “He’d love to.”

“Hey!” Sora raised his fists. “That’s not fair!” He paused, a hand straying to where his heart was. You set yourself up for that. “… Thanks a lot.”

Kairi smiled. “I’m sure we can get this done fast if we do it together.” She stood up and brushed the sand off her skirt. Her eyes reflected the calm ocean.

“To our next adventure!”

“We have to build the raft first. Remember?”

Sora slightly drooped at Riku’s reminder. “But it will be an adventure, right?”

“Yes, of course.” Kairi reached over and touched his shoulder.

Sora blinked. Riku nodded.

“We’ll be together.”

Sora smiled at Namine. And then Roxas did, too.

“You wouldn’t be able to do anything without me, anyway.” Riku headed down the beach toward the shack.

Magic Knight Rayearth | young thoughts

She taught him the foundation of everything that he was.

When she left the first time, he made sure his mistakes were lessons well learned. He thought of her and her words often and grew.

In Cephiro, your will was all short of the Pillar’s will.

When she came back, Ascot knew he loved her even more. He took in her hair that shimmered, her eyes that emoted with the force of water, her voice like a waterfall. Her fighting spirit and her kindness called out to him the most.

“Hi, Ascot!” she would greet him. Caldina would then try and push them together, and he would protest and splutter. It made him think how much he really grew.

“You have true friends now. You are a true friend now.” Umi spoke confidently; her voice cut through his insecurities--again.

In Cephiro, your will was all.

He willed he would remember her forever because he would live longer than imaginable, and she would be a legendary knight from another world. They both fought for what was right in their hearts.