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03 May 2008 @ 02:27 pm
Arashi - old fic is old  
Title | Natural Inclination
Series | Bleach
Characters | Division 10
Notes | Written in December 2005 for onijutsu for the locked_death Christmas thing. Haha, man, old fic is definitely old. I'm just putting it here, so all my fic isn't completely all over the place even if it is all over the place.

“Hey, is it raining blood outside?”

“Of course not! Why are you asking such a stupid question?”

“Well….” The pause was heavy and unsure. “I heard Vice Captain Matsumoto was actually doing her paperwork. In public.”

“….Oh. Well. Something must have upset the balance of the universe.”

“Why are you all standing in the middle of a hallway?” a voice barked. “Get back to work!”

Eyes roamed before finding a small, light-haired male walking purposefully towards them, holding a package in one of his hands.

“C-Captain Hitsugaya!” This cry left the lips of many, and the crowd parted as if Captain Hitsugaya had poisonous fangs.

Some of the weak-willed might have said that the young captain might as well had poisonous fangs for his no nonsense work ethics. A couple shinigami who were made of something tougher spoke up hesitantly.

“B-But Vice Captain Matsumoto is--”

“Sleeping on the couch as usual, right?” Hitsugaya finished half-heartedly, knowing his answer was almost as good as written in stone. Nothing changed much when it came to something (or in this case, someone) he knew.

“N-no, sir--”

Hitsugaya’s jacket rustled as he turned sharply around a corner, methodically sliding the door open. He arched an eyebrow at the few subordinates that gathered behind him, almost breathing down his back, their curiosity simply oozing. “She’s asleep,” he said simply. “On the couch.”

Disbelief colored the voices of the ones who chorused, “But Captain Hitsu--”

“Like I said,” he added with an edge of finality. “Now, go do your duties.” He shut the door audibly behind him.

His vice captain didn’t even move.

Settling down at his desk, he set his armload down and picked up his pen. It was then that he heard the other occupant rise.

“Ah, good morning, Captain~!” she greeted cheerfully, a smile forming on her lips as she rubbed her eyes groggily.

“This isn’t a bedroom, Matsumoto.”

“It isn’t?” The fair-haired woman gazed around the room curiously. “But I sleep here all the time!” She looked at him, flabbergasted, as if they didn’t have this conversation on a daily basis.

Ignoring her, the one called young genius made himself as comfortable as could be, readying for the long haul. Shuffling papers around, he blinked. The stack seemed a little shorter than usual. His eyes flicked over to where Matsumoto was curiously pawing at his package.

“Captain, what is this?” she asked, unwrapping it, peering at it from all angles.

“It’s from Hinamori,” he replied gruffly. “Said I should have something warm to drink since it’s always cold around my birthday.” He shrugged. “You can have some if you want.”

“Oh!” she cried, grinning. “That’s kind of her!” Matsumoto jumped to her feet. “I’ll go make some now!”

“Hey, wait, Matsumo--”

“I’ll be back soon~!”

“--to. You still have work to do.” A vein in his forehead throbbed. Mumbling, he signed approval for a request for more uniforms.

Moments later, the clunk of a cup meeting wood resounded. He barely glanced up before Matsumoto urged, “Come on, Captain, take a break! Drink some! It’ll make you feel better!”

Sighing, knowing she wouldn’t give up soon, and he couldn’t leave something to waste, he took the cup and sipped. Eyeing his vice captain over the top of the cup, he muttered, “Thanks.”

Matsumoto took a sip from her own cup and smiled cheerfully.

“But don’t forget to do the rest of your paperwork.”
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