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07 June 2006 @ 12:42 am
Arashi - After so many months  
It's been about six months since I've posted anything here, four months since anything has been posted here, and I finally finshed all the requests that I asked for here after two months. Yay, team me? =D

But anyway, there's a mix of one liners and 100 word drabbles to follow, depending whether or not people provided people supplied me with music to go along with the request. A lot of these were first time writing like Mayuri, arrancar, Ouran Koukou Host Club, One Piece, Samurai Champloo, Goong, etc.


One Piece
[Vivi/Kohza; scandal]
Kohza raised his hand-- "Just what do you think you're doing outside my daughter's bedroom!"


[Nami + Karoo + Chopper; fishing]
"Don't listen to those idiots," Nami told Chopper exasperatedly as Luffy enthusiastically yelled for the fish to come. "You'll die."


[Nami + Usopp; payback]
"That's three hundred percent interest." Nami held out her hand expectantly and watched as Usopp gaped.


[Luffy/Nami; hold + Shangri-La - angela]
She follows him, navigating down the Grand Line. When they reach the sky (she will include it on the world map), she knows, she knows. She knows especially as they climb and climb (it‘s the golden city, it‘s here, it‘s here), and he tells her, “I trust you!”

She knows especially when she sees him, bleeding, dirty, determined, and he screams, yells, “To save… my friends… I WILL FIGHT… TO THE DEATH!”

Nami watches him, watches him intently, knowing yet not knowing just how.

She is with him, by his side, and they will touch, grasp, and hold their dreams.


[Kohza/Vivi; bruise + Anata ga Ita Mori - Jukai]
The sand is destroying her; it cakes her clothes, her skin, her hair, and it's suffocating her.

Leader, she wants to yell, to be heard. Listen to what I have to say!

Don't die to lies, don't die, don't die, her heart is saying, wishing.

Vivi is still afraid of others' deaths, but she is learning to trust, to believe, and as the sand blows, stinging her scratches, her bruises, her wounds (I will never, ever let him get away with this!), hey eyes are wide for Kohza.

Leader. Please, stop. I want to save--we must save--this country.


[Nami and Vivi; giggle + Scramble - Horie Yui]
They stay up late at night, snores an ever present background sound. As long as one person is asleep, it is all right.

Together, Nami and Vivi sit and whisper: these are only things girls should be doing.

Nami learns more and more about Alabasta, about it's people, about whom Vivi is, whom she misses, whom she loves. Alabasta is the people.

Vivi learns more and more about trusting life, about relying, and about lying to protect a home. They will do, can do, anything.

The cry of, "Meeeeeaaaat!" is heard, and they smile, deciding.

[Karakura gang; vehicle]
To the declaration that Keigo had "THE CHICK MAGNET OF ALL CHICK MAGNETS," Tatsuki told Orihime, who was imagining chicks flocking gathering together quite happily and cutely (and was just about to congratulate Asano-kun!), to stay off the streets for three weeks, and Ichigo wholeheartedly agreed.


[Hitsugaya/Hinamori; badge]
"No," Histugaya said, and Hinamori frowned as she put away the costume, murmuring how it would be fun to go to the living world on October 31.


[Ikkaku/Nemu; vice captain]
Nemu knew that Madarame Ikkaku could be a vice captain, or even captain, but his loyalty and dedication to his own captain and his own division made her think and almost ache.


[Keigo and Mizuiro; FAIL]
Keigo brought out the KING OF NERDS AND GEEKS headband for Ichigo (and Ishida, if willing!) to soften the blow of his own grades when Mizuiro piped up that he would have a good consolation night with five girls, thoroughly demonstrating the FAILURES AND INJUSTICES OF THE WORLD (because Keigo was just as good if not BETTER).


[Byakuya; sleep]
Nights drag on as his hands weigh heavy from the lingering touch of cold fingers.


[Byakuya/Hisana; kiss me goodbye]
Her slim fingers told him the end of her tale, and he bowed his head.


[Byakuya/Hisana; bathed in moonlight]
Hisana is out there, day after day, night after night, and when Byakuya sees her returning, he breaks a little more in thanks.


[Byakuya/Hisana; summer fireworks]
The light in the sky shows on her face, a smile gentle on her lips, and he can't say, think, and feel anything but yes when she asks, "May we.. may I see this again?"


[Byakuya/Hisana; is love forever?]
He knows not to say forever, but as he looks at her picture, he loves her still--still it has not faded.


[Byakuya/Hisana; twinkle, twinkle little star]
Grant a wish, she asked lastly, pleadingly; I know not what to do, he keeps these words silent in his heart as the stars look down on him, and something small says, Tell me, Hisana.


[Byakuya/Hisana; a dull blade]
Senbonzakura remembers how strong she and Byakuya were when Hisana was still alive.


[Byakuya/Hisana; searching for paradise]
He finds he can call his house home most comfortably when she says, "Welcome back, Byakuya-sama."


[Byakuya/Hisana; cracked reflections in the mirror]
I wish to find you, he says but misses her when his back is to Rukia.


[Byakuya/Hisana; never in this lifetime]
Beyond life to death or beyond death to life, Byakuya thinks either is irrelevant and that there are only promises.


[Byakuya/Hisana; morning dewdrops in your hair]
His fingers barely brush her hair, and she turns to inquire, "Byakuya-sama?"


[Grimmjow/Di Roy; attitude + The Grand Apartment - Louis XIV]
"Don't fuckin' fail. Kill 'em all!" Grimmjow bared his teeth. "If you come back full of shit--"

"They have no chance." Di Roy was full of confidence; his grin never failed. "They'll lose."

He eyed Di Roy, gaze narrowed. "You 'specially. Don't fuck up."

The grin curved in answer. Di Roy elevated himself, his anger showing. "I'll show you! Don't look down on me!"

The six dispersed to different areas. Moments later, it was known, and he flew.

Glimpsing the ice structure, Grimmjow snarled, "This is why I told ya not to fuckin' fail!"


[Mayuri and Nemu; nobody's looking + Nobody's Looking - Holler]
She wisely stood by his side for years (not that she would otherwise, he liked to think he made sure of that). However, one day he noticed something different, something off.

"Where are you going?" he asked.

She replied promptly, "To get the report from Akon-san." Like he told her to do.

Her gait was different. While he addressed Nemu in his own way, Mayuri always observed her, watching for anomalies. He prided his skills as a scientist, as Captain of the Twelfth Division.

His eyes narrowed as he noted that Nemu seemed to change as if nobody was looking.


[Ikkaku/Nemu; plain as day + Things Will Never Be the Same - Roxette]
His thoughts didn't stray as she walked around the corner with... Captain Kurotsuchi. Even when her braid disappeared as she walked toward the Twelfth Division and he punched a random Eleventh Division member for following his line of sight, his brain was calculating, strategizing.

Ikkaku was not stupid. He knew what the Twelfth Division was like and how unlike the Eleventh Division it was. He also knew he had his duties as Third Seat and she had hers as Vice Captain.

But he knew he wanted to see her again.

It was a good thing fighting was in his blood.

Ouran Koukou Host Club
[Hikaru and Kaoru; play + Run Around - Jasan Radford]
It was a precarious business being whom they were.

One had to have skills.

Thus, it wasn't far-fetched that Hikaru and Kaoru were whispering off at the side (and never spotted). The diabolical plan was forming, and oh, it was going to be fun (like it always was).

They approached Haruhi, made comments about this and that and treated Haruhi like the girl she is. To top it off (as always), they sneaked something off of Haruhi.

And the twins ran away, cackling, from Tamaki (the lord).

Always, always, their world always included their interests: no other way but the Hitachiin way.

[Kang In/Hyo Rin; dance + Dance - Clazziquai]
Every step he makes is to help her. He positions himself, ready for her, waiting for her.

She turns and turns, pirouette after pirouette. She loves, she loses, she tries. She is like him, she decides, and moves.

Kang In feels she is most beautiful when she dances (he thinks everything about her speaks of grace).

Falling, falling, falling, and he leaps. He catches her.

She stumbles, dazed. Hyo Rin isn't sure what's happening. She thinks she fell but has a question.

He looks at her and answers by asking for a pas de deux.


[Jang Kyung/Kang Hyun; school dance + You and Me Song - The Wannadies]
He grinned when he saw her; his eyes naturally followed her. His heart thumped in his chest as he ran up to her and called, "Swan!"

Kang Hyun eyed him with slight disdain, but he smiled nonetheless. She had responded to his sweet nickname.

Jang Kyung grabbed The Swan's hands (wings that would find their way to him someday, he thought) and proposed insistently, perhaps hopelessly, "Will you go to the dance with me?"

The Swan stopped trying to tug her hand out of his, and she blinked and frowned disbelievingly. "Why should I?"

"Because you're a swan," he said simply.

[Sasuke/Sakura; distance]
Distance is not a factor because Sakura is growing stronger day by day, and it is only a matter of time before she will be looking at him, and not as his back, and she will say, "Tell me to my face."


[Neji/Tenten; stroll]
Tenten supposes it is jyuuken that imbues grace in his form even as he walks, but then thinks again that it is Hyuuga Neji and laughs.

Howl's Moving Castle
[Howl/Sophie; kaleidoscope]
She waits for the door knob to change colors, and she chants under her breath, "Turn, knob, turn. I need to tell that slitherer outer a thing or two."

Samurai Champloo
[Mugen; small fortune]
Laughing to himself, surrounded by girls and tons of sake, Mugen could wish for nothing more satisfying.
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