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20 October 2005 @ 12:09 am
Bleach "Only So Much" Ukitake and Unohana  
Title:  Only So Much
Series: Bleach
Chararcter/Pairing:  Ukitake, Unohana
Notes:  Er.  Yes.  *looks pointedly at onijutsu*.  Interaction or crack, basically.  It's all I can write? XD  Also, I suppose if you squint there could be spoilers up until chapter 180 or so.

    She tells him lightly, “You should come more often.”

    He doesn’t know what to say.  The lights glare down almost too brightly, and the smell is almost too clean.  Ukitake thinks he doesn’t mind the relative silence, his ears pulsing only slightly.  He smiles, though, replying in kind, “I would if my body would let me.”

    He feels her fingers fluttering around his wrist before clamping down gently, searching.  “Then it’s a good thing your body was kind today.”

    Coughs erupt from his lungs, and he inclines his head, hair brushing her arm just as her braid brushes his.  He stares as she moves closer to him.  “I didn’t know you had to be so near to do a simple check on me.” 

    She releases him, and her smile flickers.  “I wouldn’t want another captain to be lost.”

    “But you can only do so much,” he says simply.  He is not grim.  He accepts.

    “I will do the best I can to help you.”

    He smiles again.  “I know.”

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